General Practice Law Firm
in Covington, Indiana

The law firm of Taylor, Minnette, Schneider & Clutter, PC offers client-focused legal services in Covington, Indiana. As general practice attorneys, we handle cases in a broad range of practice areas, from family law and business law to personal injury and municipal law. We take criminal and civil lawsuits, making sure that you are aware of your rights and are unafraid to exercise them.

Our legal team serves the communities of West Central Indiana, providing sound counsel and guidance to individuals, families, business owners, farmers, and municipalities. We’ll help you navigate your case well.

Client-Focused Legal Counsel in Covington, Indiana

Our Covington general practice lawyers have an extensive experience in handling legal issues overlapping multiple areas. This expertise allows us to give you a broader, more detailed picture of your options and the consequences you may face.

When people are treated unfairly or injured through negligence, we believe that they deserve to be compensated for their experience. Our team of experienced lawyers will assist you throughout the legal process, ensuring you get the settlement you deserve.

TMSC Law also focuses on family law and arbitration and mediation. We help clients navigate difficult, complex, and emotionally charged issues we reach a settlement that satisfies both parties.

At TMSC Law, our goal is to make the legal process as easy as possible. Let us analyze your situation and execute a strategy that protects your best interests.

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