Business Attorney in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Business Attorney in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Business Law Practice Area

Whether you’re in the planning, start-up, or operational phase of your business, our firm’s Business Law attorneys in Crawfordsville, Lebanon, Greenwood, Indianapolis and Covington, Indiana offer legal advice, counsel and services in a number of fields to individuals, farmers, managers, and executives. We help your organization identify key legal risks and increase your bottom line.

Our Business Law attorneys, Dan Taylor, Ann Schneider, Kent Minnette, and Tyler Nichols work to bring a broad experience in business entity formation—corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, business governance, buying or selling a business, structuring benefits or compensation plans, business succession planning, tax planning, tax litigation, contract drafting, commercial leases and real estate transactions, shareholder, partner, and owner dispute litigation, employment issues, and other general business and commercial litigation.

When do you need a business lawyer?

Many legal matters in business can be easily handled by the owner or the HR department, such as applying for licenses and permits. But some concerns can be complex and rife with liability issues, requiring legal counsel.

The business lawyers of Taylor, Minnette, Schneider & Clutter, P.C. will provide sound legal counsel should you find yourself in the following situations:

  • Former, current, or potential employees suing the company for workplace harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, or other grounds
  • Government entities filing complaints against your business or investigating for violation of any law
  • Environmental issues involving your company
  • Negotiating the sale of your company, mergers, or the acquisition of another business

Our Indiana team of business lawyers will assist you throughout the entire legal process, making sure you avoid dire legal consequences.

Ensuring Legal Protection

The right business lawyers do more than just fix or clean up legal problems. Attorneys can help your company prevent unwanted occurrences in the first place, giving you more options to solve a problem.

It’s also helpful to seek legal advice before executing any significant company-wide decision. This small effort at the beginning of the process will save you from complicated, resource-consuming problems later. By setting up a consultation agreement with a business lawyer, you ensure the legal protection of your company, guaranteeing its long-term success.

Client-Focused Business Law Firm in Crawfordsville

Ensure your company’s future by staying in compliance with the law and identifying potential legal issues early. Our experienced business attorneys in Crawfordsville will guide you through legal proceedings to help you keep the integrity and financial future of your company strong.

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