Estate Planning Attorney in Crawfordsville

Estate Planning Attorney in Crawfordsville

Estate Planning & Administration Practice Area

Wills, trusts, and estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Giving your hard-earned personal and business assets to your children, family, and others of your choosing is one of the basic goals of estate planning. Preserving your assets through comprehensive analysis of estate taxes and potential tax-savings strategies is another paramount estate planning goal. Also, after a loved one has passed away, whether he or she had a will or trust, navigating the emotional, complicated, and difficult process of estate administration often requires legal assistance.

Our Estate Planning and Administration attorneys in Indiana, Dan TaylorAnn Schneider, Kent Minnette, and Tyler Nichols, apply a broad range of experience in providing individuals with services that include will and trust drafting, succession planning, estate tax analysis and planning, charitable giving, long-term care planning, and will contest litigation.

Why will you need an estate planning lawyer?

Everyone may need legal assistance from an estate planning attorney at some point, depending on their health, the complexity of the estate, and other factors. Some people work with a lawyer to manage the affairs of a relative or loved one who can no longer do it themselves.

Our Crawfordsville, Lebanon, Greenwood, Indianapolis and Covington team of probate and estate planning attorneys provides assistance in the following:


Some parents create trusts once they have children to establish the division of their property before death. In a trust, the owner transfers legal ownership to an institution or individual (the trustee) to manage the property for the benefit of another person (the beneficiary).

The property owner specifies the conditions of how the beneficiary will receive the asset. It can be arranged in increments over a period or given as a single gift. People often include a trust in their wills to clarify their goals and preferences when they pass away.


Wills describe the estate, dictate the division of property, give special instructions on the care of minor children, and even disinherit family members. This document ensures the succession and preservation of assets long after the owner has passed.

For complex estates without wills, the properties will be distributed based on intestacy laws. The intestate succession law of Indiana says that the surviving spouse receives half of the deceased’s property. The other half is distributed among the children.

TMSC Law’s estate planning attorneys will assist you in establishing a will that clearly details your wishes regarding your properties after death. Our probate lawyers are committed to helping remaining family members manage the assets of a deceased loved one.

Living Wills

Living wills are healthcare directives, expressing one’s preferences in medical treatment in case they’re unable to communicate these due to their condition. Because this document involves complicated medical concerns, our estate planning lawyers will consult with doctors to help the patient make the right living will decisions.

Client-Focused Estate Planning Firm in Crawfordsville

Preserve, divide, and handle your properties the way you want to by planning your estate early. TMSC Law’s experienced estate planning and probate attorneys in Crawfordsville will guide you in writing your wills and trusts to specify your wishes. Our experience as general law attorneys allows us to anticipate possible problems and conflicts since estate laws commonly overlap with family, elder, and real estate laws.

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