Do I Need a Divorce Attorney If My Spouse Has One?

Do I Need a Divorce Attorney If My Spouse Has One?

“My spouse has hired a divorce attorney. Should I also have one?” is a common question we get asked at Taylor Chadd Minnette Schneider & Clutter PC. Our simple answer is yes: you do need to have a divorce attorney by your side.

Divorces can proceed without the involvement of lawyers. It is recommended, however, that lawyers be present to ensure that the interests of both parties are adequately presented protected. This is especially recommended for emotionally charged and not-so-amicable divorces. It’s also strongly advised for both parties when there’s a huge disparity between the couple’s incomes; there’s no prenuptial agreement signed at the beginning of the marriage; a massive estate is being divided; or the couple is not yet in agreement about child custody, assets division, and other relevant matters.

Let’s go deeper into why you most definitely have to find a divorce attorney if you’re going through mediation or filing a petition in Greenwood, Indiana.

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney

Even if you are on friendly terms with your ex and have already agreed on the most important issues about your divorce, it would still benefit you to have an experienced divorce attorney whether you’re settling in mediation or going to court.

Your divorce attorney will do the following for you:

  • Gather evidence and research to strengthen your arguments for specific settlement terms.
  • Negotiate strongly on your behalf, especially if you think that what your ex proposes benefits only them, and at your and your children’s expense.
  • Prepare all the required paperwork and have them processed in all relevant offices.
  • Look out for vague terms in the settlement that could instigate conflict or legal battles in the future.
  • Advise you on which settlement terms to propose or agree on. Your lawyer’s goal will always be to protect your interests, and those of your children if you have any.

Your spouse hiring a lawyer for your divorce is a smart move; it means they don’t want to lose out in the settlement and custody agreements. It would only be fair (and safe) for you to find a divorce attorney you can trust and will fight for your rights.

The Unofficial Duties of Divorce Attorneys

Besides performing legal services in line with a divorce proceeding, divorce attorneys also support their clients by giving sound advice when they become overwhelmed with emotions and have a hard time making smart decisions. Even couples who agree to be amicable in their divorce sometimes experience strong emotions like anger and regret. It is during these times that ex-spouses need rational people whom they can trust to think critically when they can’t.

Find a Lawyer Who Has Your Best Interests In Mind

More than experience and skill, you’ll want someone who thinks about you and your children’s best interests. This means that if you say you want a relatively peaceful and amicable divorce, your attorney shouldn’t “fan the fire,” so to speak, and instigate conflict between you and your ex-spouse. 

You can trust that our divorce attorneys at Taylor Chadd Minnette Schneider & Clutter PC will work with you and help you finalize your divorce as smoothly as possible. More than that, we will aim for the best possible settlement for you and your children.

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