DUI Representation: We can help!

DUI Representation: We can help!

If you made a bad decision to drive under the influence and end up getting charged with a DUI violation, contact us to preserve your legal rights in this unfortunate situation. We can help mitigate the situation and reduce the negative outcomes that could result if you tackled this issue on your own. Following is a list of tips that can help reduce the severity and consequences of this type of charge:

Why you need an attorney

If you feel you are being wrongly accused or are being pressured to explain or defend your actions regarding the circumstances of your DUI arrest, do not wait to tell the arresting officer(s) that you want legal representation. You have certain legal rights that an attorney can explain to you, so it’s best to wait and have an attorney talk for you after you are released or after you post bail in which the court will set a specific amount of days before your trial.
One thing to expect after a DUI arrest, depending on the state you are in, is that you will receive a temporary license and will need to prepare for a DMV hearing on whether you can or cannot retain your driver’s license. This is also where a DUI attorney would be helpful as DMW hearings can be tough to win and you will want the best representation.

How to choose an attorney

When it comes to hiring an attorney, note that there are specialized attorneys for clients charged with DUI’s. More generalized attorneys may be able to represent you in court, however, compared to DUI/DWI attorneys, they may not have the in-depth knowledge to deal with the complexities of DUI laws. As such, the best course of action in choosing your attorney should be to conduct research on DUI attorneys in your specific area who have the most experience and a good reputation for dealing with these types of cases. Contact a few of them to find the one you believe will best represent you and schedule a meeting to discuss the details of your arrest.

What does first offense mean?

If this is your first DUI offense, there may be less punitive steps or methods that the attorney can pursue to keep you out of jail, though the laws differ from state to state. Some states might charge a DUI offender with only a misdemeanor charge, while other states may pursue a felony charge, so make sure you hire an attorney who knows and understands what the best options for your particular case could be.
A first offense does not typically bring about the extreme results, especially if no one else was injured by your actions. Regardless, you can still have your license suspended, spend some time in jail, be convicted and sentenced to heavy fines and/or community service, so make sure you have an attorney by your side at your trial to get you the best possible outcome.

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