What Is Municipal Law?

What Is Municipal Law?

In the legal arena, you often hear the term “municipal law.” But what is it? How is it different from ordinary law? And what are some examples?

Definition of Municipal Law

Municipal law refers to laws that apply to cities, townships, and counties (known as municipalities) and the governing bodies within those entities. Just like individuals and businesses need representation from time to time, so do municipalities. At the local level, this may include issues like zoning, police power, education policy and property tax. The elected officials in these municipalities are given the responsibility and authority to create and amend these laws.

Legal Representation

Attorneys who represent municipalities are hired by the entity and must have knowledge and experience of local ordinances, state statutes as well as federal laws and regulations. In addition to land use, law enforcement and education, municipal law attorneys may provide counsel on contract bidding, tax assessments, environmental regulations, public information and access to public meetings.

Specific Examples of Municipal Law

As noted above, cities, counties and related municipalities enact laws that govern a wide range of issues. Let’s take a deeper look into a few of these topics. 

  • Zoning: Land use policies designed to promote orderly development, safeguard the local environment, provide for transportation, and enhance the community.
  • Education: Polices related to the local administration of education including school size, class size, districting, teacher and administration salaries, and curriculum. 
  • Taxes: The municipal authority or council sets property taxes and determines use of the funds.
  • Police Power: Adoption and enforcement of laws related to public safety and general welfare, not in conflict with federal law.

Our Municipal Law Team

At TCMSC Law, our Municipal Law group has earned a strong reputation for our abilities in providing advice and counsel to a variety of municipal entities and bodies. Our comprehensive approach serves executive and fiscal bodies in city, town, township, and county governments. We have extensive experience in the day-to-day procedural and substantive legal issues these diverse bodies and elected officials face.  

If you are a municipality and need legal representation, contact us today.