When To Hire Real Estate Attorney

When To Hire Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Law is one of our areas of practice at TMSC Law. We handle many types of cases annually. Sometimes real estate attorneys are hired at the beginning of a real estate deal to handle all transaction. Sometimes they are hired simply to advise. Other times, they are hired as litigators in case of a dispute.

The two types of real estate law are commercial and residential. Commercial real estate lawyers work with businesses to buy, sell, lease, and develop properties. Residential lawyers can prepare and manage mortgage, title, and closing documents associated with buying a home.

Knowing when to hire a real estate attorney in Indiana just depends on your specific needs. In Indiana, unlike some states, it is not required to hire a real estate attorney for the transactions, however it is highly recommended because they are educated to help you with the legal aspects of real estate transactions and the law.

Determining whether you need to hire a real estate lawyer depends on a few factors. If you are entering a simple month-by-month lease or are purchasing an uncomplicated residential property, you likely do not need the assistance of a real estate attorney. However, if your deal is more complex, a real estate attorney can really help save you time, headaches, and stress by navigating the law on your behalf.

When deciding what is right for you, do your own research. Do not leave the decision up to a real estate agent, who may have their own best interests at heart. Real estate agents work from commission, and although he or she may be honest, they likely do not want other parties involved in the purchasing process.

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