How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

How to Choose an Estate Planning Attorney

There are many reasons you can benefit from having an estate law attorney, especially in knowledge-based industries like finance. An estate planning attorney can aid you in analyzing the value of your property, setting up trusts, writing up wills, and handling all property management.

Due to the importance of such a service, you must know how to choose an estate planning attorney.

Remember This When Choosing an Estate Law Attorney

You must account for several factors before making a decision. These include:

  • The field of law the attorney practice
  • Their certifications
  • Their experience
  • Whether they’re part of an organization
  • The fees they charge.

Let’s explore these variables more in-depth below.

Field of Law

Estate law attorneys are experienced in end-of-life planning. This means they are equipped to guide and assist their clients in drafting legal documents regarding their property, including wills and trusts. Because this is a critical task, you cannot just let any attorney do the job for you. Choose one that practices that specific field of law.

Board Certification

Board Certification

Attorneys recognized by the American Board of Certification are acknowledged for having detailed knowledge and proficiency in their field of specialty. Be sure to ask your attorney about their qualifications and research them.


Experience is measured by time and the amount of work taken on. According to the Department of Justice, an attorney is considered experienced when they have been part of any bar or organization for more than a year.

Professional Organizations

There are numerous legal professional bodies and organizations for attorneys in the United States. When searching for an attorney to handle your estate and assets, pay careful attention to the organization they are a part of.

Fees and Charges

Not all attorneys offer the same rates. Some might charge an hourly fee for the consultation duration, while others might charge a flat fee. Make sure to discuss the charges upfront.

TMSC Law: Entrust Your Estate Planning to Us!

So, how to choose an estate planning attorney? Inquire about their education, their certifications, which organization they belong to, and the fees they charge.

Here at TMSC Law, we provide our clients with talented and experienced lawyers that will handle your estates with care.

Call us today, and we’ll partner you with our best estate planning attorneys!

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