November is National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. Adopting a child is one of the most amazing experiences a family can enjoy. No matter what the situation, it’s a very special and personal experience and parents are taking on the task of providing children with a loving home and the security they need to live happy, healthy lives. We have been fortunate enough to help many families through the adoption process and have gathered some ideas for families who have recently adopted or are planning to adopt! We hope they give you some inspiration!

Start a New Tradition.
Whether it be making a big meal together, movie night complete with popcorn bar, reading a book together, hosting a special game night, or anything else, starting a new tradition in your home is a great way to have some fun and bond together. No matter what the tradition, it will be something you can all look forward to for many years to come!

Honor Cultural Heritage.
If you have adopted a child from another country, you can make a meal together or do a craft which honors the culture. Supporting the culture from which your child came as well as teaching your child new things can be rewarding for everyone. And everyone is sure to enjoy as long as you’re doing it together!

Write About It.
If you love to write (or even if you don’t), this is a great opportunity to start a journal about the act of adopting and the experiences your family has had. Make it a family journal where everyone writes from their own point of view. It can be shared and appreciated for generations to come. And who knows, it could be the next best seller!

Share Your Personal Story.
If so compelled, sharing your story on social media platforms is a GREAT way to get the word out about the positive effects of adoption. Adoption is an act of love and what better way to share the experience than with photos and stories of your very own journey. Sharing information and stats about children waiting to be adopted could help raise awareness and help countless families in their own journeys. Don’t forget to use the hashtag for even more visibility and higher likelihood of engagement! #NationalAdoptionMonth.

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